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IGPackages is the best influencer marketing agency in India that helps businesses and brands drive definite success through meaningful and progressive influencer marketing services. With sound expertise, experience and focus, we design & execute bespoke, creative copywriting, strategic, and authenticity-inclusive influencer marketing campaigns, that help brands boost sales ROI, acquire qualified leads, increase brand trust, and turbocharge all other target goals.

How does the Top Influencer Marketing Platform Work?

We create authentic collaborations between brands, social media influencers, and their mutual target consumers/audiences by narrating classic stories. We have swung thousands of influencer marketing campaigns with masses of top Indian influencers, content creators, celebs, and bloggers to drive millions of consumers. We are a full-service influencer marketing agency with 6+ years of experience that works with brands at every phase of the campaign development, from ideation to casting talent and superintending campaign direction & monitoring results, in order to attain business goals.
IGpackages help you reach, inspire, educate and engage your target audiences through remarkable and innovative user-generated content solutions. Trailblazing the future by building resourceful troika relationships of influencers, brands, and consumers we define & deliver brand narratives that transform our patrons from market players to market leaders.
Hence, join us today as we are the only technology & trend-driven, data-fanatical, creatively enthused, and growth-focused Influencer marketing platform.
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Our Influencer Marketing Process:

Sign Up

First, fill out the small form on our website. Our team of experts in influencer marketing and commerce will connect with you in quickly time!

Discuss brand goals

They will listen to you to analyze your brand's goals, determine the key performance indicators (KPI), and thereby develop a customized ideal influencer marketing campaign oriented for growth.

Get Your Brand Placed Superior

With productive and effective influencer marketing campaigns, we help you boost your brand awareness & sales ROI by sharing your story through valuable content & strategic product, and influencer placement.

How will our Influencer Marketing Company Grow your Brand?

Defining Brand objectives and Creating Influencer Marketing solutions

With a dedicated influencer marketing plan, we help you get in front of your target audience to build brand awareness, increase purchase consideration, and sales ROI and attract new customers. We create a bespoke, targeted & performance-oriented strategy according to your brand needs. An influencer marketing strategy leverages content creators who powerfully influence explicit industries or target audiences to make purchase decisions. With a fruitful strategy, you can partner with these influential people to promote your brand, products, and services through curated content. See More

Screening and Recruitment of Lime-light Influencers

We cherry-pick the best social media influencers & content creators for your brand or business for the execution of a scalable campaign, based on data attributes, follower counts, engagement rates, predictive performance metrics, the success of earlier campaigns, and more. We maximize an influencer's impact and your ROI by matching the interests of an influencer's followers and ideal consumer traits of that of the brand. See More

Execution, Optimization, and Monitoring of the Influencer Marketing Campaign

We converge key data points, and relevant influencer marketing trends in the creator & social media community and then create high – quality, engaging, and educating user-generated content for more influencer-consumer engagement and position your brand's products as superior in the given industry. We optimize the campaign and provide extensive reporting, analytics, and metrics through our tools and the latest technology we leverage as the top influencer marketing company! To scale influencer campaigns, we first check how the influencers are performing on social media. With influencer insights, like top hashtags, links, etc. used by the influencer, content performance and lots more brands can get an array of reportage to bang on! See More

Sky-Rocket Your Brand’s Reach, Recognition and Revenue!

We formulate campaigns that resonate with accurate audiences. We make a bridge between consumers’ buying behaviors and expectations with brands’ ability to bring the desired experiences through well-organized influencer marketing campaigns. The brands get promoted through affirmative consumer feedback that is long-lasting. Reaching untapped target segments, we strategically help you grow the R cube. See More

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IGPackages – Packages for Influencer Marketing on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more!

We Provide a Spectrum of Influencer Marketing Services and Solutions


Premium YouTube Influencer Marketing Services

IGPackages is a premier YouTube influencer marketing agency in India providing brands with the best influencers on YouTube relevant to their niche to promote their products /services and engage their target consumers on the world’s second-largest search engine. We create, monitor, and optimize customized YouTube influencer marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales ROI for your business/brand like no other marketing agency this strategically can. According to research, brand alliances with YouTube creators are 4 times more effective in constructing brand awareness than those with celebrities. Moreover, for millennials, 67% of online consumption happens through YouTube. Our YouTube influencer marketing experts create targeted YouTube campaigns that have the potential to reach millions of consumers. Our technology and ground-breaking resourceful process enable us to harness a global community of creators, distributing effective deliverables to grow your business.
Hire us to get 5X higher conversion rates with unique storytelling that will set you superior apart from your competitors.

Types of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Introductory Campaigns

    Introduce/launch/repurpose a new/existing product in/to the marketplace, or to your target audience/consumers.

  • Maintenance Campaigns

    Preserve your product in the public recall. Many long-established brands commence maintenance campaigns to maintain brand awareness and breed new sales.

  • Educational videos

    Educate and engage your target consumers with How-To videos, product reviews/demos/tutorials, corporate videos, explainer videos, testimonials, un-boxing videos, haul videos, and showing new us and features & benefits of your product, or how consumers can get the most out of their purchase.

  • Integrated Videos

    We create branding campaigns featuring videos about brands or products. The influencers discuss a pain point and integrate your product or brand in an organic way.

  • Devoted Videos

    In this type of influencer campaign, we make influencers talk loyally about your brand/product for the entire video duration.

  • Giveaways and Contests

    We provide influencers, and with help of those you can run giveaways and contests around your products. Contests and giveaways can be gratifying for your target audience.


Instagram Influencer Marketing Services

IGPackages is the best performance, growth, and ROI-driven Instagram influencer marketing agency in India. Narrating stories of different brands through talented Instagram influencers, we help brands in scaling influencer marketing campaigns by building influencer and customer relationships, creating-curating-managing content, and targeting consumers at the right time and thereby boosting sales maturation.
We find the best Instagram influencers for your brand under your budget, and help you through every stage of the influencer marketing process, including influencer discovery, influencer management, content creation, and analyzing and reporting a campaign’s accomplishment.
Our chosen Instagram Influencers have a strong and loyal relationship with their followers. Hence, you can unlock your brand’s potential with Instagram, which is a great platform to do influencer marketing, especially due to its high engagement rate. The average engagement rate on the podium is about 1.87% for influencers. We are best at formulating a personalized Instagram influencer marketing strategy. According to a survey, about 94 percent of Instagram influencer marketing users believe this advertising approach to be highly effective. Hence, hire us now to acquire organic traffic and reach millions of consumers.

Types of Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Cohesive Videos

    Influencers will make User-generated video content with our team for your brand or products discussing the pain points of a well-segmented audience and telling them how your product can solve them in best way. These UGC videos can drive definite traction.

  • Contests, Giveaways, Sweepstakes, and Event Activations

    Contest and Giveaway campaigns are the common influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram due to the effortlessness and the mutual value they bring. We make sure the influencer’s audience is similar to and larger than yours, so they will possibly generate higher ROI.

  • Testimonials, How-to, Unboxing, and Reviews

    This type of Instagram influencer marketing campaign includes a brand leveraging influencers to review/unbox and explains their products or services. It also helps in product seeding.

  • Product Launch, premium, and Discount Codes

    The product launch Instagram campaigns are best to create excitement for potential customers. Other promotion approaches, such as discount codes, can also be given to influencers to share with their enthusiasts.


Facebook Influencer Marketing Services

IGPackages is the best Facebook influencer marketing company in India helping brands connect with the best-suited social media influencers on Facebook to ascertain, educate and engage the target Facebook consumers, and thereby achieve the key performance goals to grow their business. Formulating bespoke and targeted Facebook marketing strategy, our team will help you with creative content creation, lead influencer identification and relationship management, campaign execution, monitoring, and reporting. To build productive marketing campaigns, our influencer agency will help you select the influencers who are accurately the excellent fit grounded on prior achievements with brand partnerships, viewers’ kinship, engagement rate, audience size, demographics, and other target benchmarks. We have an enthusiastic team who help you leverage Facebook’s top-of-the-range targeting proficiencies and stimulating and swaying influencer marketing to drive results repetitively. We provide story-based content on issues that interest your target consumers with the inter-generational audience potential on Facebook and its worthy features.

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Types of Facebook Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Cohesive Videos

    Influencers will make User-generated content with our team for your brand or products. The influencers discuss a pain point and integrate your product or brand in an organic way.

  • Facebook Live events

    Facebook Live is one of the innovative Facebook features. In this kind of Facebook influencer marketing, you can have the influencer show people how to use your product/service while he/she is live.

  • Contests & giveaways

    H5These types of influencer marketing campaigns are highly effective. We help brands reach a massive number of target audiences because of our strategic influencer placements and relationship management.

We also Provide influencer marketing services for - LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat

Why Choose The Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Enthusiastic Team

We are a team of influencer marketing experts, digital marketing professionals, influencer specialists, content strategists, brand managers, social media maneuvers, influencer managers, scriptwriters, story-tellers, video editors, and visionary marketers. Together we will provide the best for you! See More

Years of Experience

With more than 6+ years of experience in influencer marketing and other social media recruits such as YouTubers and Instagrammers, we comprehend your business requirements and provide you with customized solutions. See More

Burgeoning Client Base

The secret of keeping our customers happy is simple: We are supportive of their needs and emotions at every step of their journey. We have been serving more than 1000+ clients across industry verticals and geographies. Trusted by our regulars, we have repetitively delivered successful services to clients of different industries. See More

Data-Driven Approach

We follow a data-driven approach that offers measurable advantages. We create an influencer marketing data-driven strategy that capitalizes on facts, consumer insights, and hard information rather than instinctive instinct. Leveraging a data-driven approach makes it tranquil to be objective about resolutions. Tied with our people-powered attitude, our deliverables are well-recognised in the industry. See More

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is a subset of digital marketing in which brands market their products (services) to well-segmented audiences by leveraging trust raised by social media influencers.

IGPackages helps you pick influencers according to their niche and category so that the subscribers/followers of the influencer have analogous interests to the brand's target audience.

Supplementary, you can also leverage the benefit of Generating unique content and emerging a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy for better sales with us.

Influencer marketing is the strategy that helps brand leverage content creators to harvest state-of-the-art and appealing content for its benefit. Influencers strongly influence people to follow their work and content. Consequently, influencer marketing strategy tends to utilize brand association leverage strategy, strong influence, and fetching content to guide the target audience in making informed purchase decisions.

  • As per the Influencer Marketing Survey Report, 80 percent of marketers confirm the efficiency of influencer marketing and 35% find it tremendously effective.
  • 89 percent of all say influencer marketing’s ROI is equal or higher (11X) than other marketing mediums.
  • 71 Percent of surveyed people proclaim that the excellence of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other bases.
  • According to research, 86 percent of women fathomed consult social media communities’ recommendations, whereas 72 percent make buying decisions regularly based on recommendations from those online social connections.
  • As per data by Influencer Orchestration Network, 40 percent of survey respondents made an acquisition based on seeing a social media influencer leveraging it on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Of these, roughly 50 percent of the number have shared influencer content, which augments awareness and engagement.
  • As per Smart Insights 51% of marketers say influencers help achieve more quality customers
  • According to research, 71% of companies plan to increase their influencer budget within the next year.
  • According to 42 percent of people leverage ad-blocking technology to remove interruptive digital ads from the online experience, making sponsored content and other native ads more operative.
  • According to Neal Chaffer, companies say influencer marketing ROI is analogous to or better than other networks
  • According to a recently available study by Oracle, 80% of customers have purchased products in direct response to relevant social media content, and 37 percent of consumers said they trust social media influencers over brands. These numbers represent that consumers perceive advice and tips from influencers they previously follow as credible and trustworthy. And it’s no surprise the influencer marketing industry is presently estimated at over $16 billion and is speedily growing.
  • Recent studies suggest that influencer campaigns can earn as much as $5.78 for every $1 spent on average, making it an efficacious approach for many brands.

The influencer marketing industry in India was valued at over 12 billion Indian rupees as of 2022. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25% over the next 5 years. The industry's market value is expected to raise to 28 billion Indian rupees by 2026. Approximately 55 million urban Indians were direct consumers for influencers of numerous categories in 2022.

Trust raised by influencers and emotional understanding moderated by trust are more significant than the functional performance and individuality of a brand. By persuading the willingness to buy, the readiness to purchase, and the willingness to mention a brand, the brand value of an organization increases. Marketers should start leveraging influencer marketing to build trust by making tracks to the foundations of inspiration and information their customers already interact with most. IGPackages develop integrated influencer marketing strategies to win within their core categories. We prioritize the creation and curation of more accurate messages that express unswervingly to your target shopper and grow from the profile-raising, traffic-focused tactic. We also integrate multiple social media platforms, trends, and the latest technology and look for opportunities to develop competitive advantage and assert influence through nurtured relationships.